“What’s happened in the Baltic area is hugely important”: North Point Global

On the eve of our pioneering new festival, North Point Global Chairman David Choules – a founding sponsor of Binary – talks about why he believes that the benefits of this kind of collaboration are not just philanthropic…

North Point Global are proud to be currently on site in the Baltic Triangle: the base for the area’s brand-new celebration of innovators, inventors, leaders, makers and creators of our future, Binary Festival. We’re not just here for the festival, however; we’re delivering the first phase of a trail-blazing development in Norfolk Street that is being delivered in partnership with one of the area’s most important organisations: Baltic Creative CIC. In addition to residential and gallery space, the project will enable one of the area’s key agencies to add much needed additional studios to its estate, creating more bespoke space for creative and digital businesses.

I believe that development companies in particular need to understand the value of the Baltic Triangle area’s special identity and economic role when investing, in what many now view simply as a property hot-spot.
Cities are organic; they grow and change through a multiplicity of factors, choices and decisions. What’s happened in the Baltic area is hugely important and demonstrates the underlying creativity and energy that exists in the city. It’s vital that those investing and developing in the area understand and nurture that energy.

And for developers, the benefits of this kind of collaboration are not just philanthropic.

It’s critical that we see our investment as contributing to long-term economic prosperity and helping to support one of the pillars of Liverpool’s future economy. It’s why supporting Binary Festival is such a no-brainer for us.

But it’s also about understanding that the value and character of our development is enriched by its roots. Preserving the character and creative mix of the Baltic is going to make it a more attractive place to live and work. Desirable neighbourhoods have personality and differentiation.

All too often, developers don’t look sideways, don’t understand relationships, and deliver only identikit solutions. It’s encouraging that other developers in the area are getting the message; but it’s so important that what’s special about this area is not suffocated or erased.

We look forward to meeting delegates at this inaugural Binary Festival and celebrating its singular, founding, Baltic Triangle: an extraordinary place should birth an extraordinary festival.

David Choules is Chairman of North Point Global: a pioneering, versatile and responsible development company, delivering major projects in many of the UK's leading cities. For over 25 years David has led construction and development teams delivering projects in mixed use, hotel, residential, commercial, healthcare, airport and telecommunications sectors.

Twitter: @NorthPointGbl

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