Stand-TO! Liverpool Girl Geeks Launch Bootcamp

Female role models, getting ‘hands on’ with future technologies, and gaining confidence and leadership skills: Liverpool Girl Geek Chelsea Slater gives us the lowdown on her brand new bootcamp...

Binary Blog: Hello Chelsea! Can you please tell us about the new Girl Geek Bootcamp programme?

Chelsea Slater: The Girl Geek Bootcamp programme is designed for girls from the age of 12 to embrace tech and discover what roles are available to them as career choices.

The bootcamp will be six weeks long, with one session per week at The Studio School. It will involve identifying their female role models, getting ‘hands on’ with future technologies, and gaining confidence and leadership skills. We’ll also be taking the girls into the work place, to give them a real feel for what it's like to work within a creative digital and technology firm.

Who do you hope will attend and what can they expect to get out of it?

We’re hoping that an enthusiastic number of 12-14 year olds will want to attend, especially those with artistic or science and maths interests. This course is for EVERYONE so we don't really want to categorise who should be on it; ideally we’d love to meet girls who have yet to realise their possibilities. We want to truly inspire and develop each and every one of our attendees.

The girls will get to see a whole host of options that a career in the tech industry has to offer. We want them to feel confident around future technologies such as 3D printing, coding and virtual reality, and also feel inspired, because they've just spoken to a woman entrepreneur or inventor. We also want them to form their own network of females that continue to inspire and motivate them when they leave. This series of events will lead into a monthly event that they can come back to and work with us some more.

Why did you decide to do this now?

Rebecca and I started Liverpool Girl Geeks in 2013 by running a 'cake and code' club with girls as young as 9, and ever since have focused on women rather than children and teenagers. Our aim has always been to have a full programme of events for girls and women of all ages, and by working with The Studio School and recognising their aims we feel we are ready to do this.

What’s next for Liverpool Girl Geeks?

2016 has been a fantastic year so far for us: we've partnered with the fabulous Tech North and offered coding courses for free, we've expanded our offer of workshops by launching a 3D printing session with DoES Liverpool, and we're about to launch a design course for Wordpress. We really want to mix things up this year and offer as much support as we can, by having lots of courses and events to showcase roles that are out there and make a difference to the gender balance of female tech employees in Liverpool.

The Liverpool Girl Geeks Bootcamp will take place from May to June 2016. To register interest please click here

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