Environment is crucial to creativity. Why we've sought a new home for Binary Festival

Environment is crucial to creativity. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re working in, you will have learnt that at the moment when you make something out of nothing, your mind requires certain surrounding conditions. Some say they get their best ideas in the shower; others need to be surrounded by the buzz of a café to really find their focus. You might need to spend 20 minutes cleaning your desk before you can get down to business. Quentin Tarantino apparently follows rituals when writing films; he won’t use a computer, instead he handwrites everything, using only red and black felt tips .

The Baltic Triangle has proven to be the right environment for creative and digital companies to thrive. Over 150 companies are now working in what are arguably the most dynamic office and studio spaces in the city of Liverpool. Steeped in history, these re-purposed warehouses that were once part of the city’s highly successful import and export industry, are now home to the tech industry that is putting Liverpool on the map once again.

As it was noted in Tech City’s 2017 report, “Liverpool is enjoying a renaissance, powered by the digital tech companies that operate within the city - in particular those that cluster around the Baltic Triangle district.”

The Baltic Triangle got its name three centuries ago, when the amount of timber that came through the docks was bringing upwards of 50,000 Scandinavians into the city each year. This was the area where they delivered their cargo and socialised.

The Baltic Triangle’s manifesto of creating an environment where a community can “be creative, industrious and pioneering” has brought life to the buildings, inspired innovative use of space and welcomed like minds from different industries to collaborate and share.

When choosing the venue for this year’s Binary Festival, it was important to “set the scene” and deliver an environment for speakers and delegates that would encourage community, open minds and idea generation. An 850 square metre warehouse in the Cains Brewery Village converted into a multi-purpose event space with state-of-the-art PA’s multimedia an event hall and hand-crafted mezzanine bar screamed “perfect place!”.

The Hinterlands venue officially opens its doors on the 9th of March. The Binary Festival will be its first conference, less than two weeks later. That’s pioneering right there.

Jan Carlyle, Director of Autumn Live and Event Producer for the Binary Festival is excited by the opportunity to be one of the first events in the new venue:

“Liverpool needs alternative event spaces for the creative and digital industry, who don’t want to meet in stuffy event spaces surrounded by blank walls and eating unimaginative catering. A space that is unique, surrounded by studios and offices of like-minded companies, with independent bars and cafés providing the refreshments – that’s the best place for Binary.”

To book your space at Binary Festival 2018, go to Eventbrite

Written by Claire Cowles

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