Closer Than You Think: The Next Generation of Coders & Creators

Did you know that Liverpool has an academy specialising in the creative use of technology? Ahead of their open studios during Binary Festival, Jacob Bolton tells us more about this special school and its local and international amibitions...

It’s been three years since The Studio first opened its doors, and already the school and sixth form has firmly found its feet. The academy, which specialises in the creative use of technology, lies at the heart of the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, and couldn’t be situated in a better place: on every street surrounding the school big thinkers work in small studios, coding and designing the things that will come to define our future.

What sets the school apart is its involvement with the local studios on its doorstep, and its continued commitment to get young people into tech jobs rather than pushing them towards university by default.
Students from The Studio have been involved with projects, work experience and apprenticeships from key Baltic agencies, such as Citrus Suite and Red Ninja, and are always looking for ways to get more involved in the local creative and tech community.

Opening its doors

As part of the first Binary Festival, The Studio will open its doors to tech enthusiasts and festival-goers, inviting all to come and see the space, meet the young talented coders, and talk about ways that the school and local studios can work together more.

Unlike other schools, The Studio is doing all that it can to move away from conventional ‘top-down’ education. “We want our students to be creators of technology rather than just consumers of it”, says Principal Shaun McInerney. The vision of the school is to be an international destination for young coders, developers and makers.

Rather than simply feed students the knowledge they need to pass exams and get to higher education, The Studio focuses on helping them think outside the box and collaborate to find practical ways of making their big ideas into workable products.

This entails setting the students real-life tech projects to work on, and bringing in guest lecturers and mentors to teach them the real day-to-day methods and practices from within the industry. All of this helps them become ready to carve out a far-reaching career in tech when they leave.

Jacob Bolton

Read more about The Studio via their website and Twitter @lpoolstudio

Vivit The Studio in person during Binary Festival! Delegates can meet the tech teachers and pupils to talk about apprenticeships, work experience, guest lecturing and more at Greenland Street, CUC building, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, between 16:00 and 17:00 on Tuesday 24 May 2016. Buy your tickets here.

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