Every innovation needs a home - why Bruntwood is one of our principal sponsors

Bruntwood are supporting the Liverpool Binary Festival for the first time this year, we spoke to Colin Forshaw, Bruntwood Regional Director for Liverpool, about why a commercial property company were so keen to be involved.

Why are Bruntwood investing into Liverpool Binary Festival?

We believe that culturally vibrant cities are key to creating environments where businesses can succeed - and Liverpool’s Binary Festival is an event that adds to the cultural fabric of the city. Events such as this help to shape a strong sense of place, making the city region an exciting place to live and work, which in turn helps to attract and retain the best talent in the area.

Binary also provides a platform for creative, innovative ideas to develop and grow, showcasing the incredible talent that Liverpool has to offer while raising the creative/digital community’s profile across the North. We have a chance to share the event with like-minded customers, allowing them to experience the festival as attendees, speakers and Gathering leaders.

In 2017, Bruntwood supported more cultural initiatives than ever before, including celebrating our 12th year with both the Manchester International Festival and The Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting. From a business perspective, we need a strong cultural offer to attract the best talent, investment, visitors and gain international repute. Supporting cultural events allows us to add to the vibrancy of our cities and give our customers and colleagues fresh opportunities to engage with one another.

What is it about Bruntwood and Liverpool Binary Festival that finds a natural fit?

At Bruntwood, we strive to have a genuine impact on the communities in which we work, and that goes way beyond our core business. We believe in supporting charity and community organisations across our regions to help bring about positive change.

In recent years, our Liverpool team has also worked closely with some of the city region’s most dynamic digital and creative businesses to provide unique workspace environments in which they have been able to grow and prosper.

Binary Festival feels like a natural fit due to our aligned vision of bringing together the North’s tech and digital talent. With over 280,000 tech workers in the North, we believe it is vital to support those individuals and create tech communities where they can innovate and thrive.

How can Bruntwood, Bruntwood customers and the community benefit from Liverpool Binary Festival?

Liverpool is one of the leading cities for digital innovation, and Binary Festival will help us to shine a spotlight on the talent here and cement our place on the map, as well as being a great opportunity for the digital community to share ideas and connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses.

Speakers and delegates from outside the city region bring with them new insights and experiences which local businesses can hope to learn from and share. We will be encouraging our customers and the wider community to take as much from the festival as possible.

How do you think events and festivals impact the local Baltic and wider Liverpool City Region economy and community?

Events such as this generate an extra buzz and help to further animate vibrant areas such as Baltic.

Binary will also help to focus attention within the city region itself, highlighting that a festival of such note is taking place on our doorstep and placing the event venues at the centre of that focus.

As the festival gathers pace and conversations develop, there is also the opportunity for collaboration, which goes to the very heart of Bruntwood’s approach to the creative and technology sectors.

Collaboration can flourish within the city region, as well as beyond its borders, in turn bringing communities and locations together, such as the Knowledge Quarter or Commercial District, further strengthening the city’s proposition as a destination for innovative businesses.

Thanks to Colin and Bruntwood, we are pleased to welcome them and their clients to the Liverpool Binary Festival.

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