Binary Festival’s welcomes the returning sponsorship of Baltic Creative CIC.

Baltic Creative CIC has been nurturing the creative and digital sector in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool since 2009 and was one of the founders of Binary Festival back in 2016. Baltic Creative CIC worked closely with the Baltic Triangle Area CIC to develop the vision for Binary Festival.

Binary Festival was founded upon the principle that creative, digital and tech companies in Liverpool needed a platform to share their great stories. Binary Festival provides a national platform for businesses to share their great Digital Tech stories, to connect and meet new / old friends and ultimately give their business new opportunities for growth.

When the Baltic Triangle Area CIC group was formed in 2012, the Baltic Triangle was little more than a selection of disused warehouses but with amazing actively happening behind big brick walls and roller shutters. Binary was our opportunity to showcase what was happening behind those big walls and roller shutters!

Recognising the fact that creative companies tend to move towards old, derelict and industrial space given the cheap rent, large spaces and uninterrupted workspace - it's no wonder the Baltic Triangle has grown and grown.

A big challenge in these types of areas are what happens when the price of space increases and developers move in?

You've heard the story - An industrial/manufacturing area becomes derelict; rent and values of space falls; creative companies move in (because they can afford to), they bring business, community, vibrancy and value to the area again, they invest in the area and encourage others to invest, property developers begin to move in and buy upon property aggressively; the C&D companies begin to get squeezed out and the area loses its creativity - gentrification right?

This won't happen at Baltic Creative CIC property. Baltic Creative CIC exists only to support Creative & Digital Industry businesses now and into the future! Our property will always be used to serve the growth of our key sectors.

Mark Lawler is the Managing Director of Baltic Creative CIC and founder / Director of the Baltic Triangle Area CIC and has been a vocal supporter of the areas Digital and Tech sector.

Mark, what does Baltic Creative CIC mean to the companies you house in the Baltic Triangle?

"Baltic Creative CIC is their landlord! But we aren't just an ordinary commercial property landlord. We are a Community Interest Company and our properties are asset-locked meaning our profits are only used for three things: 1. Re-investing in our Property, 2. Re-investing in the businesses we house and 3. Re-investing in our Creative & Digital Sector.”

So the revenue generated from the CIC model goes straight back into the sector?

“That’s right. We have no shareholders and all decisions are made by a hand-chosen, voluntary board representing the interests of the sector.”

“It’s an entirely new economic model that ensures profits are reinvested in the Creative/Digital sector, not the developer. Our involvement in Binary Festival allows us to keep this promise and lets us support Liverpool's Creative / Digital industry plus the businesses that we house."

Why do Baltic Creative CIC want to support the Liverpool Binary Festival again this year?

"Baltic Creative CIC is home to over 150 Creative & Digital Businesses and we're instrumental in shaping the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool - a popular destination which is fast becoming renowned for housing a variety of Liverpool's most innovative Createch companies.”

“In 2016, Binary Festival was a resounding success, with various creative/digital enthusiasts coming together to shout about the pioneering and innovative projects that are occurring across the city region and the North West. We at Baltic Creative and the Baltic Triangle want to see this happen again!”

What is the future for Creative, Digital and Tech industries here in Liverpool?

“Liverpool as recently as 2016 was regarded as having the second fastest growing Creative & Digital economy outside of London. Other cities are growing at a pace and we need to ensure as a City Region we keep pace with other cities. The Liverpool City Region (LCR) can be immensely proud of our C&D Industries and the high value jobs they create but we need to do more regionally and nationally to promote the great businesses, activity, knowledge and research that’s being done in the LCR - Liverpool Binary Festival provides a great national platform for us to share those great stories.”

What do you hope to see from this year’s Binary Festival?

“Baltic Creative CIC are again delighted to sponsor Binary Festival for its second outing. We hope to see businesses from across the region descend on our city to come together, share stories, talk about all things tech and get inspired. The event is hosted by Herb Kim (Thinking Digital & TEDx) and Herb has already signed up some fantastic speakers. The event will also be hosted in an amazing new Baltic Triangle venue - Hinterlands. We couldn't be happier to support this really important Liverpool C&D Event - it's really exciting."

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